Sunday, January 11, 2009

YOUTH'O9 [Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival]

Youth 09 @ PWTC Activities :- Indie Shopping festival,8tv Casting Call,Fashionistas,Career Attack, Futsal Players, Photographers,Street Artists and Battle Of The Band.

Yuna playing as one of the guest bands for Fly FM’s Battle Of The Bands’ semi-finals. Together with Bunkface & Love Me Butch! yuna is awesome

Currently listening to Deeper Conversation,Rocket,Backpacking Aroud Europe by Yuna


ruslina said...

babe, yuna is so rock, and she's unbelivabe beautiful in your picture than in youtubes video., tq for sharing!

bintang_yg_hilang said...

jeles i bile dapat tau u ambik pic ngan yuna..shes rock..btw..yuna is behind me mase tgk show mogwai at klcc..but..i x tegur pun..pandang-pandang jeling-jeling je!!!